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PT. Berkah Sejahtera Indonesia Bersama, as a center for selling quality solar cells in Surabaya, presents the 80 WP Solar Cell Panel, the latest innovation in renewable energy. These solar panels are the ideal solution to meet your electrical energy needs in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.

80 WP Solar Panel Solar Cell Specifications

Solar Cell Solar Panel 80 WP has a power capacity of 80 watt peak (WP), which is enough to meet household electricity needs or small industrial needs. By using high quality polycrystalline solar cells, this solar panel is able to produce stable and consistent power in various sunlight conditions. With compact dimensions and light weight, this solar panel is easy to install both on the roof of a house and on empty land.

Advantages of 80 WP Solar Cell Solar Panels

  • Environmentally Friendly: The 80 WP Solar Cell Panel not only helps reduce your carbon footprint by emitting no greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduces dependence on non-renewable fossil energy sources.
  • Utilization of Solar Energy: This solar panel uses solar energy as the main energy source, which is an unlimited energy source and does not produce pollution.
  • Easy to Install and Low Maintenance Costs: The 80 WP Solar Cell Solar Panel is designed to be installed easily and has low maintenance costs. With little maintenance required, these solar panels provide significant savings in the long run.
  • Long Service Life: With a service life of up to 25-30 years, these solar panels are a long-term investment that can save you on energy costs over a long period of time. A long usage guarantee provides certainty regarding the performance of this solar panel in producing reliable and efficient electricity.

Functions and Applications of 80 WP Solar Cell Solar Panels

Solar Cell Solar Panel 80 WP functions as a power generator that converts solar energy into electricity which can be used for various purposes, such as lighting, charging batteries and operating electronic equipment. These solar panels are suitable for use in households, small industries, solar power generation systems (PLTS), and various other applications that require a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source.

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